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This site is a place for documenting research initiatives by Rachelle Villalon at MIT, exploring and inventing technologies for the built environment.


PhD dissertation A.I. pipeline and software deliverables

Master's Thesis (Reasonable Computing for Architectural Fabrication, 2008)

How To Make (Almost) Anything

The Nature of Mathematical Modeling

Mobile computing with georeferencing and computer vision

Shadow Coding - Boston Hubweek, public art-tech installation in collaboration with a filmmaker

Solar Energy Generation in 3-dimensions

Teaching A.I. about design, architecture, and fabrication


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Rachelle Villalon received her Ph.D. in Computation and Design at MIT in 2017, where she was a Presidential Fellow. She received a SM degree in Computation and Design at MIT in 2008, and received a B.Arch from Woodbury University in Los Angeles. She is the inventor of "Techniques for Producing Three-Dimensional Models from a Single, Two-Dimensional Image" (patent no. us 62/677,219) and co-founder of Hosta Labs, a company that turns regular pictures into 3d models for design and renovation.

While at MIT, she was involved with technical consulting and entrepreneurship. Rachelle was also the Hackathon Chair for Hacking Arts 2016, a conference that focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation within the creative arts. Her work has been published and presented internationally at various architecture and computer science/science conferences and journals.

Rachelle has experience working in start-up and corporate environments in the cyber security, robotics (iRobot), and creative 3d modeling industries. Prior to MIT, she was consulting at Gehry Technologies (architect, Frank Gehry's technology firm) and was the Digital Technology Manager at CO Architects, where she helped advance research and development in architecture and information technology.

She has instructed on Computer Numerical Controlled machines as a Teaching Assistant, research plasma jet machining, as well as develop design software for digital fabrication at MIT. In 2005, she was the award recipient of the American Institute of Architects - American Architects Foundation, Woodbury University "Grand Critique" prize for outstanding cumulative works in architecture, and recipient of the Thesis Prize (2006). Rachelle's research focuses on applied machine learning, computer vision, and data analysis for architecture/engineering/construction.

Contact: rvill@mit.edu