MAS.863 How To Make (Almost) Anything, Week 10: Composites

Rachelle Villalon

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Composites: (1) Fabricating a convex sled (2)Prototype Blocks

Winter recess is around the corner as well as heavy snowfall. I typically hike around Yosemite, CA or White Mountains in New Hampshire. This project involves computer modeling the formwork for a circular sled and then flattening the sled components for sheet placement on a lasercutter. The formwork uses 1/8" cardboard.

The other composite project involves making blocks as a prototype material for my final project.

Where the sled will undergo "testing" - Yosemite, CA

3D Modeling the formwork in Rhino and running a script for aid in assembly.

Flattening the parts to be cut.

    Laying out the parts for assembly.